Jack Menhorn

Sound Designer

Jack Menhorn is Sound Designer for video games. Also Editor in Chief at DesigningSound.org and a panelist on Game Audio Hour

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Mid 2015 Update

Side-effect of working at Boss Key Productions is my incapability to keep this updated.  Having a blast tho.

Things that happened:

Lemma came out. I did some sound design and music for it. Game is here and soundtrack is here.

I did the music/most sfx for MicRogue which finally came out.

Robots Need Love Too (which I did music/sfx for) is now totally free.



I got a tattoo of a shamrock in memory of my brother. It was designed by my girlfriend Vanessa Y Nichols and inked by my old friend Justin Pope


Nova-111 is coming out soonish. HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS.