Jack Menhorn

Sound Designer

Jack Menhorn is Sound Designer for video games. Also Editor in Chief at DesigningSound.org and a panelist on Game Audio Hour

Sound Design Credits:

Disintegration - PC/PS4/Xbox ONE

LawBreakers - PC/PS4

Oddworld New 'n Tasty - PS4/PS3/Vita

Star Trek Rivals - iOS

Nova-111 - PC/PS4/Xbox One/Wii U/Vita

Gunhouse - Playstation Vita

Orion Blocks- Leap Motion - PC/Mac

Deep Dungeons of Doom - iOS

Robots Need Love Too - iOS/Android

Offworld - iOS

Volantes - Leap Motion - PC/Mac

Telekinetic - Leap Motion - PC/Mac

Kyoto - PC

Lemma - PC

Robots Need Love Too - iOS/Android

Pakka Pets - iOS

RGB Warped - iOS

funktronic 3000 - PC

Ravensword: Shadowlands - iOS/Mac

The Haunted: Hells-Reach - PC

inMomentum - PC

Gear Jack - iOS

MicRogue - iOS

Freeform - Leap Motion - PC/Mac

Final Rush - PC




Leap Motion Orion: Sound Design and Music

Blocks on Mobile VR - SoundDesign/Music

Nova-111 - Sound Design/Music

Kyoto - Sound Design

Orion VR - Music/Sound Design

Star Trek Rivals - Sound Design, Sound Editing

Robots Need Love Too -Sound Design, Music, Wwise Implementation

Gunhouse - Sound Design