Jack Menhorn

Sound Designer

Jack Menhorn is Sound Designer for video games. Also Editor in Chief at DesigningSound.org and a panelist on Game Audio Hour

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What I've been up to: April-May

So I have got some pretty cool things I worked on come out in the last 2 or so months!

First off I was the Lead QA as well as Sound Designer of Star Trek Rivals!  An iOS card battle game that just came out the same time as the new movie! 

I also did the sound design for Deep Dungeons of Doom which just came out on iOS!  I believe it is also out for Ouya as well:

I also did the music and sound design for I Think In A Minute Or So I Will Explode which you can play for free on Kongregate!

I also did a track for Frequency Domain, which is a super-cool synesthetic game-thingy that you can download for free now! (And probably forever).  You can listen to my track here: