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Jack Menhorn is Sound Designer for video games. Also Editor in Chief at DesigningSound.org and a panelist on Game Audio Hour

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April 2014 Update

Hi! Here's what I've been up to lately:

This month I posted up three pretty neat articles:

My GDC 2014 Wrapup!

Making The Best Out Of Something Broken which is an article I wrote about my experiences earlier in the month dealing with a Zoom H1 recorder I accidentally washed.

Audio Interviewing Audio: Tomoya Kishi and Kenneth Young is a really neat interview I put together between two audio directors from different sides of the globe, one from Capcom (Japan) and one from Media Molecule (UK).

Every Monday at 9pm EST I am a panelist on The Game Audio Hour. Which is a live video podcast where we talk about all things game audio related! We're also on iTunes so check us out there!

Reorganized my office. Still a mess.

Reorganized my office. Still a mess.

I'm also doing music and sfx for Lemma. You can check out my music in the trailer below! We are currently in the process of replacing all these placeholder sfx with some phresh new audio.


I'm still working on Nova-111 so keep an eye out for wonderful and magical updates from me and the Funktronic Labs team!

So I also have a few things going on I can't gab about so expect me to shout about those later. That said: if you need some minty fresh audio give me a holler!

Early 2014 Updates

Hey everyone!  Here are some cool things I did recently!

I did the SFX for a wonderful Vita game called "Gunhouse" which was designed by Brandon Sheffield, programmed by the guy who made Frog Fractions, music by Disasterpeace and some help from other great people too!  It's out now!

Next up:

I had the pleasure of helping Michael Taylor with some audio for Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty!


I edited some VO and even designed the voices for the Elum and Slog creatures!  Check for that to come out in early Spring!


I even did the sound for a storybook app in January called "Turtle Crossing". It was a successfully funded Kickstarter by a friend of mine. It should be out in Spring as well!

I also did the sound for another Kickstarter project back in December!  It's called Pakka Pets and it was successfully funded on February 6!  I did *most* of the SFX in the video below, of which I am especially proud of the pet voices!

I am also proud to be a part of a new video podcast called "Game Audio Hour!".  We are already up to 4 episodes and going strong!  

We have been chatting about all things game audio including: orchestration, gear setups, C.P.U. Bach, sample libraries, and we even mention Rez.

The chats are streamed live and there is also aversion saved for later. We're working on iTunes integration as well so please keep an eyeball out for that!

GAH Logo.png

So that's what I have been up to recently!  I also updated my About/Resume section with a cool PDF resume, so please check that out!

See you all at GDC 2014!


I did the tunes and SFX for this Leap Motion game. Take a listen to the trailer and notice how much I obviously love Akira and Ghost in the Shell soundtracks.